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Persona Info Sheet continued

What do you wear? Shirt, doublet, hose, venetians, jerkin, cloak, shoes, hat.
How do you obtain or make your clothing? I have the tailor in periodically and order up new pieces of clothing.
How do you clean it? My valet takes care of that.
What is your clothing made of? Wool, linen. I do own a silk suit but I only wear it on special occasions.
How is it embellished? With passementary on either side of the seams and silk binding on the edges.
Do you have different kinds of clothing (everyday vs. special occasions)? Well I have the silk suit for best. I have a black suit (doublet, jerkin and venetians) and cloak for times that require it and a sad red suit and cloak. Besides that I have several older doublets and pairs venetians which I wear when I am hacking about the countryside with M. du Lac on his estate.
What are the differences between what you wear in warm weather and in cold weather? No, save for the fact I wear more of it. If it is especially cold I might wear a knitted waistcoat but I seldom need one.
Do you wear underwear? What kind? I wear a shirt and in the colder weather drawers but my shirts are long and really suffice most of the time.
How do you care for your clothes? My valet takes care of that.
Do you have many clothes? I would say an average number for one of my station.
What jewellery/accessories do you wear, and what are they made from? I have a gold ring that was give to me by my parents on my 20th birthday which I wear always. I have two fine hat jewels which I collected during the wars from gentlemen who no longer needed them. I have the gold medal Her Majesty gave me, and I have my good sword and several other swords and their furniture.
What kind of shoes do you wear? I own several pairs of shoes, a pair of good boots and a pair of riding boots.
What do you wear on your head? A hat.
How do you carry small personal objects around? In my pockets.
How do you carry large things? My valet takes care of that.
Are there any restrictions on what you can wear? There are sumptuary laws on the books but frankly I don’t pay any attention to them. I’m not given to ostentatious display in my dress.
Who imposes those restrictions? Alderman and town officials with nought better to do with their time than worry about their neighbors’ morals.



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