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Persona info sheet continued

Luke 2
11. HOME
Are you from a city, village, manor, or farm? I was born in the city of London, but now I live in the much smaller city of Bordeaux for a good part of the year.
What kind of building do you live in? The building in which I dwell serves as both my living quarters and the place where I conduct my business hence there are my private chambers and public ones as well.
How big is it? How many rooms? It is a good sized establishment, I know not exactly how many rooms without stopping to count them up. One doth enter through a gate and there are stables for the horses off the courtyard and above that are more storerooms. The groom and his boy live in chambers by the gate. On the right is the entrance to the warehouse where the wine is stored and mixed. Above that is the warehouse for other products which we import into London such as sugar from the new world, and olives from further south and from Spain. I have another warehouse nearby that holds twice as much again of wine. Direct ahead across the courtyard on the ground floor are the office and public rooms and above are my chambers and the guest chambers. At the back is the garden, the kitchen, the servants quarters and the backhouse.
What does it look like outside? It is stone work and the courtyard is cobbled.
What does it look like inside? The storerooms are plain. My chambers are wood paneled with hangings on some of the walls. My public chambers are paneled and the hall has a large hanging of red linsey woolsey with columns and pediments painted.
What is your house built of? Wood and stone.
How do you keep warm/cool? A fire in the fireplace to keep warm and opening a window to keep cool.
Where do you eat, sleep and work? I sleep in my bedchamber. I sometimes take my meals there but more often I eat my meals in my dining chamber. I do my work in my office
In what part of it do you spend most of your time? Of my waking time, I would say in my office about my work.
What is your favourite place in or around your home? My bedchamber.
What do you do there? Sometimes I take my meals there, I play my lute there, I sleep there, etc.
What is it like at night? Well if a candle be not lit it would be dark, would it not?
What do you do then? Sleep or perhaps merrily enjoy the company of a companion.
Where are the places around your home that you would never go to if you could help it? I find this a foolish question. This is my dwelling and business and I am the master of this house. I will go wherever I choose in my own house.
What does your favourite chair look like? I have a great chair with turned work and a cushion on the seat. It is mine and none else may sit on it.
What do you sleep on? Because I have spent my soldiering life sleeping in barns, tents and ditches, now that I can afford it I sleep in a fine bed on linen sheets, which I cause to have laundered rather more often than is usual, on a flock bed which is atop a straw filled tick. My bed has a tester and curtains (wrought by my mother) and is a little luxury I allow myself.
What do you see when you wake up in the morning? Well it depends on whether my man has opened the bed curtains or not.
How do you light your house? I use candles to light my chambers. They use grease lamps and rush lights in the kitchen and servants quarters.
What do you use for storage? Chests and cupboards.
Do you have any pets? I have no children and if I did I would not spoil them such.
Do they have a function in the house? If you are speaking of lap dogs or such things kept by foolish women I have none of those. I do not live in the country so I do not keep hounds.
What domesticated animals live on your property? We keep several cats as mousers in the house.
Where do they live? There is a basket in the kitchen for them and they may be found curled up on forms or under dressers sometimes as well.
Who cares for them? They catch vermin and eat that and sometimes they steal some scraps and I expect cook the gives them some little tidbits as well.
What function do they serve? To catch vermin.
What are they worth at market? I know not, one does not own a cat, the cat chooses where it will live.
Who owns the house you live in? The land it is on? This property, as well as the rest of the dwelling houses and warehouses on the street, are owned by the brother of the mayor of Bordeaux. I rent this property and several other properties on this and the next street from him.

Who lives in your house besides you? There is my valet, who has been with me these many years, my secretary who sees to my affairs, the steward who oversees the house, the cook, the wench who helps in the kitchen, the maids, the groom, his boy, the footman, and the house boy. These are the servants who dwell here, there are also men employed in the warehouses who do not dwell in my house.
What is their relationship to you? They are my servants.
What is your position within the household hierarchy? I am the master of my household there is none above me.
Are there any people who are living with you who are not members of your family, but are not staff? Not at this moment. At times I have company men come from London on business, especially at the time of the wine fair.
Who are the household servants that you see every day? I see most all of my servants everyday.
What do they do? Their work.
What do you think of them? They seen to be happy in my employ and do their work.
How do they interact with you? As a servant doth with his master.
How are they paid? Are they paid? They are paid quarterly in coin, they are fed and clothed by me.
What social obligations do you have to them? I feed them, look out for their well being and keep a roof over their heads. I see to it that they are nursed when they are sick and should one die, I would see to it that they were decently buried.
Are there military retainers to your family? No.
Do you have any religious personnel associated with your family? No


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Nov. 26th, 2008 05:47 pm (UTC)
What is it like at night? Well if a candle be not lit it would be dark, would it not?

Indeed Master Luke, you have a fine grasp of the obvious, which is perhaps more than can be said for the writer of these questions.
Nov. 26th, 2008 06:10 pm (UTC)
Aye, indeed! I have edited out the most foolish.
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