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Persona info sheet

Luke 2
As part of the KnoWoPerWriMo challenge, I have been working on filling out the very lengthy persona information questionnaire that caitlincw posted Its been a very good exercise and I have been happy with myself that with the exception of a few technical details I have been able to answer most of the questions off the top of my head.

You will notice that I have not rendered this is period style spelling, perhaps I will at some point but not now. I have however tried to render Luke's answers using words and turns of phrase that he would have used, again an interesting exercise and one in which the OED came in very handy.

Persona Worksheet

What is your name? Luke Knowlton
How did you get your name? Why were you given that name? I know not what possessed my parents and Godparents at the font.
What does it mean? It is from St. Luke the apostle.
How would you be addressed by non-family members of equal rank? Master Knowlton or if we were intimate friends simply Knowlton and then we might possibly address each other in the familiar.
Higher rank? Master Knowlton, or Knowlton
Lower rank? Master Knowlton

What year is it? 1608
When were you born? 1560
Are you considered a child, an adult, or elderly? I am now eight and forty years old which is a good age especially for one who has followed the wars all his life, as I have seen so many brave men die.

What station or class are you of? Gentleman
Is this the same as the station or class you were born to? Yes
Is it likely to change in the future? God willing, no.
Are you wealthy, poor? I am comfortable, I have enough means for my needs.
Is this likely to change? God willing, no.
Are you of the same people as those around you? If not, of what people are you? I am an Englishman but I dwell now in Bordeaux in Gascony for much of the year.
How does that effect how the people around you treat you? In Bordeaux there are many of my nation so I may spend my time with my own countrymen. I am the “Anglais” who frequents M. du Lac’s place and they have gotten to know me.
Do you interact with them? I interact with them as part of my business and daily life.
How do you treat them? As befits their rank and station.

Who is your father? What is his name? My father is Mr. George Knowlton.
When was he born? 1525
Where was he born? St. John’s Parish, Clerkenwell
Is he still living? Yes and he is quite lively for his age.
What was/is his social position? Gentleman
Occupation? He has now retired from active business affairs leaving the business to my elder brothers. He and my mother live mostly at their estate near St. Albans but come to town occasionally.
Did your father help raise you? In as much as a man of affairs troubles himself with a small child, that is to say, overly not. He became more actively interested in my raising after I was breeched.
What did you learn from him as a child? The conduct of a man of affairs, and the value of hard work.
What is he like? My father is a good-natured man who is wise enough to know what's best for him and let my mother run her house. He enjoys walking about his estate (in all weather, and at his age!) and has some skill at music (from whom mine comes, certes it came not from my mother's family).
What is your father's family like? Shrewd businessmen all, hard working and always on watch for new opportunities.
How did his family help or hinder you in your life? My father made sure that I was put to a profession in which I could make my way, that is to say soldiering. He supported me at the times when I could not follow the wars such as when I had become ill or been wounded.
Who is your mother? What is her name? Mistress Edith Knowlton. Her maiden name was Cooke.
When was she born? 1530
Where was she born? Essex
Is she still living? Yes.
What was/is her social position? Occupation? She is my father’s wife. She runs his household and all that that entails.
Did she raise you? She and her maids raised me as a babe and then the governess oversaw me and then I was tutored along with my brother Thomas.
What did you learn from her as a child? My mother is a deeply devout woman. She was in her youngest years raised in the Romish church as were they all then, but from her youth she embraced the Protestancy as had her mother as well, which she held firm to even through Queen Mary’s reign, although by outward appearances they did conform to the Papist religion then. Now, I am not near so devout as she but from her I have a deep and abiding faith in Eternal God.
What is she like? My mother is a formidable needle woman and the house is filled with her work. She and now her ladies also keep me well supplied with shirts, seeing as I haven't found myself a wife yet ("I know not what thou wouldst do if I did not make thee thy shirts! Thou wouldst go about in thy nakedness!"). She is a most excellent maker of preserves and she knows down to the jar what's on her shelves (and could give you an inventory from 1575 and before I’ll reckon).
What is your mother's family like? Country gentry of a good sort.
How did her family help or hinder you in your life? My mother is related by distant cousinage to very high placed people in her late majesty’s government. Certain of those people have provided me with employment over the years and have given me opportunities which I might not otherwise have had.
What does your father's family think of your mother's family, and vice versa? In terms of status, I fancy my mother her family thinketh she had married below her station, however my father has made quite a large sum of money with his divers business ventures and that has softened their opinion of him. For his part, his family felt he had made a good match, as she came into the marriage with a substantial dowry and is a somewhat distant cousin to Mildred, Lady Burley, wife of Lord Burley, and Lady Ann Bacon, wife of the Ld. Keeper of the Privy Seal. I have used these relations myself to gain entry to certain members of the Privy Council.
Are your parents married? Yes.
Is their marriage happy? Yes, very companionable.
What did you learn from their marriage? If you mean to apply to a marriage of mine own, I am not married.
Do you have brothers and sisters? Are they still alive? I have both brothers and a sister of whom three living and two have died. They are my eldest brother George (1550- ), my late sister Marjery (1552-1592), my next eldest brother Richard (1554- ), my late brother William (1556-1598), and my brother Thomas (1558- ). I am the youngest of the family.
What do they do? My brothers George and Richard run our family business in London and my brother Thomas is a mariner and master of one of my family's ships. My late brother William was in the law, and my late sister Marjery, of whom I was very fond, was wife of a gentleman in Essex. She died in childbed.
Do you have a favourite, and why? I would have to say that was Marjery. She did dote upon me as a baby.
Do you have any siblings you dislike, and why? Not particularly. William could be rather full of himself sometimes but he’s now gone and I’ll not speak ill of the dead.
Do you have any half-siblings? No.
How many generations of your family are you really aware of? I knew my paternal grandsire and grandmother but my mother her parents had died before I was born. I feel I know my great grandparents, although I had never met them save through stories my parents told me of them. I have seen tracings of my family line further back but I know not anything about those ancestors.
How important is knowledge of your lineage? It is good to know from where one cometh.
Is there anyone in your more extended family that is important to you? Why? My distant relations to whom I am related through my mother. They have helped me in various ways through the years.
Do you have a favourite relative? Who and why? Marjery, for the reasons above.
Whom in your family do you dislike and why? There is not anyone I particularly dislike.
Are you still in contact with any of your family? Yes. I am my brother’s factor and négociant in Bordeaux for our business.


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Nov. 7th, 2008 04:09 pm (UTC)
Terrific! I must confess that I'm only a fraction finished with the questionnaire. Probably because I am under the mistaken impression that I have to write a thesis for each question. ;>
Nov. 8th, 2008 12:27 am (UTC)
As I say it has been a good exercise. Some of the questions are pretty heavy sledding - even mundanely!
Nov. 7th, 2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
I love this.
Nov. 8th, 2008 12:27 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you've been enjoying it! There will be more to come.
Nov. 7th, 2008 05:27 pm (UTC)
This is really interesting, and gives a great framework to guide persona research.
Nov. 8th, 2008 12:30 am (UTC)
Yes there are some very thought provoking questions. I'll be very interested to chaw this over with you over a yummy dinner from Eggbert. :)
Nov. 8th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
Is there a date/weekend that works well for youse? We're going to Syracuse for Thanksgiving, but we're only going for the one night and could easily do Saturday. We're also out of town the weekend after Thanksgiving. Those are our only real obligations at this point.
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